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Five Count Craps Strategy

The 5 count craps strategy is a method used to try and cash in big when a shooter is a hot. This strategy keeps you playing for the long stretch and has potential to bring you big wins. Though you will likely encounter losses as well, the goal of this strategy is to keep the losses small and the wins bigger.

How it Works

The 5 count craps strategy begins when a shooter throws a point number, which is any number other than 7, 11, 2, 3 or 12. If the shooter rolls anything other than a 7 on the next roll, you'll start to bet. Bet the same on come and don't come bets through steps 3, 4 and 5. Add full odds to all of the come bets.

Adjusting Your Play

As you progress, you will obviously need to adjust your play accordingly with the success of your strategy and the shooter. If you don't win on any of your numbers for three consecutive rolls, you should call the odds off and wait two rolls before you put the odds back up. If the shooter is still playing after these two rolls, you can begin the 5 count strategy again.

An added benefit of the 5 count strategy is that it gives you a solid method of staying in the game for a long stretch of time. This will help you work your way up toward play-through requirements or comps. If this level of prolonged play is too much of a commitment, try taking a short break by playing other casino games. Just like poker, which is more skill-based and you don't rely so much on luck. You can find more information about online poker and start playing it for free on PokerLudaos.